(Sin título) cuerpo sobre espacio is a contemporary dance site-specific created and performed by Isabela Rossi. In this solo, the dancer uses not so conventional ways to study, know and inhabit the present space with a single tool: her own body.

A body that creates new spaces, that builds spaces. A body transforming space, a space that transforms a body. What do I take with me and what do I leave in a space? Is the time the same in each place; in each experience; in oblivion; in contemplation? Can time be measured?...


Isabela Rossi is a Brazilian choreographer and performer based in Madrid. Graduated in contemporary dance from RCPD Mariemma in 2016, she has worked as a dancer with different choreographers such as, Aiala Etchegaray, David Vilarinyo, Lucía Marote, Poliana Lima, Candelaria Antelo and Natalia Fernandes, receiving the AISGE award for outstanding dancer in the ‘LINGUA’ piece. As a choreographer, she continues to work on the solo ‘(Sin título) cuerpo sobre espacio’ and ‘(Sin título) cuerpo agrimensor’, a proposal that was selected to participate in the project ‘Solos en Pradillo’ (2019), the 33rd Choreographic Contest of Madrid, Madrid Surge 2020 and in 2021 within the Ibero-American cross-cutting activities. Co-creator alongside Miguel Glez. for ‘PROCESO DE ACOMODACIÓN’, finalist and awarded at the 34 Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid. Currently, she continues to work alongside Miguel Glez. as guest choreographers in the Resident Company of the Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera, in the piece ‘Lo que percibes’.

‘(Sin título) cuerpo sobre espacio’ is CAMPING's sixth action, an initiative that will open NF/ NIEVES FERNANDEZ' gallery space to various cultural actors, so that they can freely develop and exhibit their projects and creations. Taking the exhibition space as a support for their actions, the various actors will display their temporary projects interacting with the exhibition installed at that time in the gallery.

CAMPING is a project conceived by Nerea and Idoia Fernández, directors of NF/ NIEVES FERNANDEZ and Blanca Cortés, lawyer specialized in intellectual property.