Fardo proposes an encounter between the sound experiment, contemporary dance and the gallery environment.

Fardo offers an experience without passive subjects.

Fardo recognizes the intimate relationship between the contemporary subject and a kind of technological sameness: the mobile that one possesses.

Fardo plays at dismantling the mobile shutdown protocol during the show.

Fardo promotes the active use of mobile phones as a sound source for the show.

Fardo invites public attendees to establish and maintain the sound plot by activating any or all of the variety of alarms installed on their mobiles at will.

Fardo seeks an experience in which contemporary dance will act as a catalyst for such complexity.


Fardo presents the dancer and choreographer Poliana Lima who will be in charge of managing the obstacles, encounters and possibilities inherent to the dynamic tension offered by an art gallery with an ongoing exhibition, an active audience randomly scattered around it, and a state of unpredictable sound.


POLIANA LIMA (Brazil, 1983) is a choreographer, dancer, and teacher living in Madrid. She understands dance as an essential part of her and uses it as a tool to discuss human conditions, and the mysteries of our existence. Amongst her most notable works, there are: ‘Palo En La Rueda’ (2011); ‘Es Como Ver Nubes’ (2012), Public Prize at XXVI Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid and ‘Flesh’ (2012), both with Ugne Dievaityte; ‘Cuerpo-Trapo’ (2013) for the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) in Zagreb, Croatia; ‘Atávico’ (2014), first award at XXVIII Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid, Public Prize, Critics Award, Dance Web 2015 Grant (Impulstanz Viena) and residency at Tanzhaus, Zurich; ‘Las cosas se mueven pero no dicen nada’ (2016) for Laboratorio 180 and presented in Teatros del Canal in 2020; 'Hueco' (2019), solo at Teatros del Canal and Festival BAD Bilbao. In 2021 she premieres in France, at the Centre National de la Danse in Paris and continues her tour through Europe. Poliana Lima is the representing artist from Spain at Aerowaves 20/21.

PIPO HERNÁNDEZ RIVERO (Telde,Gran Canaria, 1966) has exhibited in galleries in Madrid, Milan, Tenerife, Las Palmas, Barcelona and Berlin. He has also had individual exhibitions in the Hermita del Gran Poder and in the Circle of Fine Arts of Tenerife, the Art Center of La Recova, and in the Contemporary Art Room of Tenerife. Moreover, he has participated in the Canary Islands Biennial, the Havana Biennial, and in group exhibitions at the Artium in Vitoria, the Krakow, Prague and Budapest museums, and the CAAM Atlantic Center for Modern Art. His works can be found in private collections in Turkey, USA, Mexico, Italy, Spain, as well as in the collections of ARTIUM, CAAM, TEA.


‘Fardo’ is CAMPING's fourth action, an initiative that will open NF/ NIEVES FERNANDEZ' gallery space to various cultural actors, so that they can freely develop and exhibit their projects and creations. Taking the exhibition space as a support for their actions, the various actors will display their temporary projects interacting with the exhibition installed at that time in the gallery.

CAMPING is a project conceived by Nerea and Idoia Fernández, directors of NF/ NIEVES FERNANDEZ and Blanca Cortés, lawyer specialized in intellectual property.