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“Over my trajectory, I have not only learnt different artistic production techniques, ways of thinking, and express art, but also to survive in a context mainly unsafe. My work doesn’t represents the illustration of that concrete phenomenology but distort that reality and drives it to fields of action and reflection to provoque and question that which, in the low and medium class which I belong, stays latent but invisible, too brute and common to distinguishes it, take advantage of it, and obtain an essential clarity to live immerse in it. From this glossary I have been using the investigations and the languages of the wild animals, as an analogy, perceiving a big empathy and multiples dialectics between the animal kingdom and the social and political precepts of the human being.

From this crossing I obtain the statements that enclose and entitled my objects, one after the other, and as a whole

The mechanism of my work is predetermined by my role as a bridge between the street, and my artistic production. I am a correspondent whose main labor is to investigate the way people, far from thinking that they are supported by the authorities, create new forms of surviving and fight the most common problems that delinquency offered in the city. How people coexist with the enemy and how they confront it.

Constantly I assume the role of the prey (an ordinary man), and I confront the predator (criminal), acting as a spy who enters the enemy territory and comes back with útil evidence to be able to develop a kind of surviving guide available for all the public. Maybe transformed, in one hand in art installations that involve different disciplines (painting, sculpture, drawing, printing or photography) and that has as the main goal to create atmospheres that awake and alert every sense of the spectator, that involves him far away from the simple observation. Installations are formally brutal, rude and aggressive, trying to show with them the high risk and dangerous situations I confront and with the spectators lives, daily, showing in a hipper realistic way the traces of the battle, and awake in this way in the viewer the resistance to disappear, the need of survival according to each entity. .

I.Moris, 1978 México, exhibits frequently in galleries of Brail, Germany and México.

He has participated in the Biennials of Sao Paolo and La Habana, and in group exhibitions at the Jumex Foundation in México, the Fontanals Cisneros Collection in Miami, the Artium Museum in Vitoria, the Musac in Leon… He has also had individual shows at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles, the Museo Carrillo Gil in Mexico and the Sala Siqueiros.

His work can be found in the collections of the MOMA of New York, the PAAM in Miami, the Jumex Foundation in Mexico, the Fontanals Cisneros Collection in Miami, the Artium Museum and in many private collections.

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